Top 12 African Beaches



If you are living in Africa or thinking about taking a trip there you

must see at least one of these African beaches. Their beauty would

leave you speechless. Of course, Africa is filled with beautifully

breathtaking coast lines but we think that these African beaches

below would be a great start.

1.     Watamu Beach – Kenya

Watamu Beach “home of the sweet people” in swahili is a beach paradise in east Africa. Internationally acclaimed for its pristine white sands beaches and reef protected lagoon, Watamu is even more attractive because of its partake in the Malindi Marine Reserve Park, making it a safe and protected area. The beach safety, startling turquoise water, appealing location and numerous attractions make it to our top list.

2.     Ifati BeachMadagascar 

Lazy palm trees, white sand, untouched coral reef, and blue clear water: does it strike a cord with you? If yes, then Ifati is the right place for you. While you are there, don’t forget to explore the untouched corals reef and the striking fishermen houses.

3.     Chaves Beach

Chaves Beach on Boa Vista is a beautiful remote beach with striking wind-carved sand dunes running into the splendid Atlantic turquoise sea. Its remoteness, untouched by mankind, makes it a desert paradise for sea lovers.  Chaves beach is one of the best beaches in the world and a must see.

4.     Nungwi Beach – Tanzania

The beautiful fisherman village in eastern Africa kept away from   tourism for a long time, is a treasure on earth. Zanzibar is incredibly beautiful so finding a beach there was quite a challenge. However, we are sure that Nungwi beach will do justice.

Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar | click on image for source

5.     Praslin Island – Seychelles

Praslin Island is one of the most popular destinations in Seychelles. You will definitely enjoy the fantastic sun, the pristine white sand and the many very intimates hotels and resorts populating the island.

6.     Belle MareMauritius

Belle Mare located on the east coast of Mauritius is a very popular beach where you could easily find a secluded area to rest and relax. The beach is know for its white sand, calmness and shallow water. It is the perfect getaway from a stressful day.

7.     Tofo Beach- Mozambique

Are you interested in fly-fishing or surfing? Tofo beach might just be the perfect place for you.  The immensity of the clear water makes you want to never come back home.

8.     Swakopmund Beach – Namibia

Swakopmund Beach has reinvented itself as an adventure city. You can find any sport that you could think of; you definitely will find many attractions to satisfy your play taste: surfing, kayaking, sand boarding you name it.

9.     River No.2 Beach – Sierra Leone

If you feel like being in a middle of nowehere surrounded by white sands, clear water and luscious vegetated mountains as a back drop, River No. 2 is the perfect place for you. The immensity of the ocean and the serenity of the environment makes River No. 2 a paradisiac beach that we needed to share with you.

10.Cap Skirring – Senegal.

Located in Senegal most amazing region, casamance, cap skirring is one of the best beaches of western Africa. The absence of excessive tourism in the region makes the place partially untouched and thus charming.

11.Camp’s Bay – South Africa.

If you are visiting South Africa and heading to Cape Town this beach is a must see. White sands and calm water draw swimmers, beach lovers and sun worshippers. You would also find plenty of attraction from trendy shops, restaurants to nightclubs.

12.Banana Beach – Sao Tome and Principe

Shallow waters and forest fringe edges characterize this paradisiac beach of the little island of Principe on the west coast of Africa. The entire atmosphere exudes happiness, relaxation and vacation. Our little anecdote: if you are an avid deep-sea fisher, Principe is one of the best places for you.

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