Our Tastemakers: ZEZE ORIAIKHI

We sat down with Zeze Oriaiki-Sao from Malée Natural Science for a short interview about what inspires her and she loves about Africa:

1.     What inspires you?

Africa, the variety of the continent, traditions, smells and the people.

2.     What is the best moment of your day?

Interacting with Malée happy customers

3.     Your lifestyle in 5 words?

Simple, functional, adventurous

4.     Which book, magazine, newspaper do you read regularly?

Monocle Magazine

5.     What do you love about your city?

The fact that it has room for newness

6.     What are your favorite places in Africa?

I love West Africa, Nigeria. It is my melting pot of tradition and globalization.

7.     What are the best spots in your city?

Parkhurst; High Street and restaurants

8.     Your life philosophy?

Put your best foot forward

9.  One word to define your company?

Fulfilling, authentic, refreshing and cool!

10.  Finish this sentence: I love Africa because… it is part of me and allows me to be part of it doing what I love.

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