Hotel in Zanzibar: Mnemba Island Lodge

Sometimes you just want to get away from the busy life, the electronics, the stress that life throws at you and find a place to regroup, unwind and relax. You dream of  looking at the bluest, clearest water, infinite tranquil ocean, white beaches caressing your feet  and  eventually do nothing  but admire it all. Mwenba Island lodge might just be your answer. Located in an island just off the coast of splendid Zanzibar, Mnemba Island Lodge is heaven on earth. Each room is completely open to let you indulge in nature. No phone and no TV are provided; enabling you to be present in the moment and contemplate what nature has to offer. The food is exquisitely done using local flavors and fresh fishes sold by local fishermen. A plethora of activities are provided to make your stay a perfect one complete with butler at your disposable for your every need.

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