Luxury Hotel In Senegal : Radisson Blu

Located in glamorous neighborhood of Fann Corniche on the Cape Verde Peninsula Radisson Blu Dakar is a luxury escape in the city.  Not too far from upscale boutiques at the Tony Sea Plaza Shopping Mall and cultural attractions such as Grand Mosque and IFAN Museum the hotel is conveniently located.

The rooms are well maintained and stylishly decorated which brings a modern flair to the area atmosphere. The several on property restaurants/bar options also provide a variety of delicious choices, although a little bit pricy the cost/quality cost is well worth it.

The stunning infinity pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean gives you the opportunity to relax, soak under the sun and enjoy a cold nice plunge. The pool views make you never want to leave this enchanted paradise. The individual beach cabanas let you unwind and even take an relaxing afternoon nap by the beach. We guarantee that you would always find yourself wandering back to the Radisson Dakar experience even after you leave.


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