Art Gallery in Senegal: Gallery D’Arte

Founded in 1996 by Joelle Bussy, this little gallery in senegal has grown to become one of the top destination for African art lovers in Dakar and throughout the African continent as well as internationally. Hence, due to its increasing success the gallery expanded its locations and has opened since 2009 an affiliate in Saint Louis, Senegal. With the main gallery located in the heart of Plateau right next to the independence plaza, it is a nice location to shop and wander on art. African Art lovers and aficionados of unique African pieces would be well served in this  “wonderland” environment.  You can definitely buy unique art items, furniture, and artifacts from African artists from all over the continent. You would also find unique items made out of bronze, wood , traditional clothes, jewelry and much more. If you are in Senegal and looking for unique gift and souvenir Gallery D’Arte is the place to be.

For more information Tel (221) 33 821 95 56 |BP 11400 5 RUE VICTOR HUGO | Dakar, Senegal

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