Natural Beauty Products: Rain Africa – The African Beauty Luxury

With a plethora of plants and landscapes in Africa, it comes has no surprise that companies use these benefits and apply them to bath and body products.This is exactly what Rain Africa capitalized on.

Rain Africa, a luxurious south african beauty company, creates handmade bath and body products using natural ingredients made with African resources. More specifically plants used by African healers since the old age. The company’s products include extracts and oils from Kalahari melons, Mongongo nuts, Marula fruit, Mafura seeds, Baobab oil, tropical coconut, castor oil and palm butter. These products are most of the time full of antioxidants, moisturizers and nutrients which enrich and heal the skin and body.

As if this was not enough, the company emphasizes on social activities by improving the quality of life of women. Indeed, all the ingredients in each of its product are harvested by local knowledgeable women. We really love an African company that simultaneously provides quality goods and services while focusing on improving lives on the continent.

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