Ivory Coast Hotel: Hotel Particulier

It can sometime be difficult to find hip places in Africa due to the lack of their internet presence. Most of the time one has to have some kind of connections or advert to word-to-mouth to find great gems in a city. As a matter of fact, this is how we found out about Hotel Particulier. This little gem located in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire is situated in the “lycee technique” neighborhood and offers delicate luxury in the heart of Abidjan. The rooms are meticulously curated and each labeled with name of different African towns. As you enter each room you can notice the amount of love and delicate decorative efforts that the owner put in each and everyone of them. In addition, the usage of unique African artifacts mixed with modern furniture scattered around the different rooms gives a feeling of charm and warm to this particular hotel. The swimming pool area provides an intimate atmosphere for those who are looking for a more romantic escape in the city.  We can really see this place become one of the top hip hotels in Abidjan. Not only do they provide exquisite epicurean delicacies but a customer service top notch. We want you to experience that from yourself by trying it out or discovering it with this series of pictures below. Again everything happens on Facebook so join the conversation there and share with us your experience with Hotel Particulier.

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