Art Gallery in Côte D’Ivoire: Gallery Cecile Fakhoury

With the political climate in reconstruction and an increase in the African art, this little jewel is a must see. One of the first contemporary African art gallery in the sub-Saharan Africa Cecile Fakhoury after years of art studies abroad she finally settled in Abidjan and opened her gallery in September 2012. Since then, the gallery already has an growing agenda of numerous artists planned for the entire 2013. Located in the hip neighborhood of Abidjan, Cocody on the boulevard Latrille the gallery and its increasing activity is a testament that African Art and most importantly contemporary African Art is on the rise.

The contemporary architecture of the building and the Zen exterior entice you to take a sneak peek of what may be inside. For lover of Contemporary African Art, this is a must see.

For more information | Tel + 225 22 44 66 77 |


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