City Guide To Casablanca Morocco

Dounia L., our trendy local from Casablanca, brings you the best insider tips of what her home city has to offer:


Traveling is sometimes exhausting and we definitely need time to unwind and relax. What better way to do this than physical activities? May this be walking, jogging or running “La Corniche”– “la Cote” for the locals, would be the ideal place to do it. While walking there, you will find a plethora of interesting restaurants and coffee shops. Don’t ever forget to get those extremely delicious beignets.

Photo Courtesy La Sqava

Photo Courtesy La Sqala


LA SQALA: you can enjoy a really traditional delicious Moroccan Breakfast in a beautiful traditional place. We love Harira, Baghrir (pancakes with 1000 holes), and Msemen. The menu is endless so you would have a plethora of delicious choices to chose from. If you are in Casablanca for the weekend, don’t miss out on la Sqala delicious brunch!


In Casablanca if you want to relax and unwind, the private beaches are your best bet. Gossip Beach is our favorite due to their modern classy look and their great service. However, there are so many other beaches to explore including Atlantic Beach, Babaloo Beach, and Nikki Beach.

Photo Courtesy of Blanee

Photo Courtesy of Gossip Beach


OLIVERRI MAARIF has the best home made Ice Cream in Casablanca, hands down!


Of course what is a vacation without coffee and bakeries? You need to stop by “Chez Paul Villa Zevaco” for the best coffee in town. However, you have other choices such as: Fauchon, La Durée and Villa Blanca.


If you are interested in getting some local artifacts, jewelries, and interior decor props, you should visit Habous. This would be a great place to shop for souvenirs. If you are into more traditional choices, of course do not forget to visit “Bab Marrachech” the Morrocan Bazar in Casablanca.


LE CABASTAN: fine dining experience with sublime ocean view — there is nothing else to add. You will not be disappointed.

SENS: perched on top of the twin centers; this amazing restaurant gives you the opportunity to indulge all that Casablanca has to offer while refining your palette. The view is exceptional and the atmosphere phenomenal.


LIZZARAN is also a great choice. Modern atmosphere, this tapas restaurant and lounge is nothing more than cozy and convivial. A Spanish band would greet you. In case you are a football fanatic, this wonderful place also plays all the Spanish league football games.

PARIS PARIS – One of our favorite. It’s a great restaurant with an amazing burlesque show. We have to warn you: first, you would be served dinner, get some drinks, listen to music then have the night show. After dark, this place would be transformed and become a nightclub. You would be in for an adventure!!!!

LE BOUDOIR – a great restaurant with a show and fun live music. They have special 80s music on Tuesdays where everybody dresses up from that era and is offered accessories at the entrance.

LA BODEGA– It’s an amazing restaurant and dancing place; all Casablanca starts the party there


We have some favorites, LA SUITE – trendy lounge located in the middle of Gauthier, which is great for happy hours and a great lounge scene. Locals know this little gem. Their food and cocktail creations are original, refined, and delicious. The food presentation is great and the ambiance is very relaxed. You must try their succulent chocolate lava cake.

ROSE BAR and SKY BAR are also some great options for you to start before diving into the night.

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